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DMI Takes Next Big Step

With an ever-growing list of developers and with the expectancy of more to sprout by next year, competition in the real estate industry can definitely be described as CUT-THROAT. The real estate boom experienced by the country has provided the necessary motivation for developers to venture out in this lucrative business. After suffering from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that saw the real estate industry plummet to a negative, a bright and sunny view will be experienced in the next few years.

According to the Global Real Estate Index, real estate market in the Philippines has become more transparent as a result of its greater openness to international investors. This is the reason why we have organized the DMI 3G (Go Go Global!), where our marketing activities are aimed towards exploring business opportunities in the outside market. It is a verifiable fact that majority of the clients of developers are OFW’s. Our company is already engaged in International Marketing. Now, we want to expand horizons and forge stronger ties with the giants – multinational brands and companies that we see everywhere from magazines to giant billboards, even at our own homes.

The month of October is entirely dedicated to this activity. Relationships formed with outside companies mean better media mileage and better market reach. Here at DMI, we do not only SELL, we INNOVATE.

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