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Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

The year 2007 had definitely been a productive year for Duraville. Memories and milestones were shared as a family, and these will forever be embedded in the pages of Duraville’s album of memories. Now, even before the year 2008 formally opens its doors to us, let us take a quick journey back to the memorable moments that made 2007 a remarkable year:

We formally welcomed the first batch of Somerset Place homeowners – an integral part to finally calling Somerset Place a “community”. After months of meticulous groundwork and construction, Duraville had made several families’ dream houses a reality. In fact, this had always been Duraville’s leading goal – to become part of the home building of the Filipino family. Within the first quarter of 2008, the next batch of units will be ready for turn-over.

Two new projects were officially launched this year – Queenstown Heights in Antipolo and Wellington Place in Cavite. Queenstown Heights is the perfect emblem of simplicity and vibrancy – elements to create “Country Living” in the city. Wellington Place on the other hand, defines harmonious, contemporary living yet very affordable. The launching of these new projects are concrete proofs of Duraville’s expansion and goal to become the leading developer in the townhouse industry.

Innovative concepts were introduced. Investors’ Day, Marketing Week, Kick-Off Party, Market Introduction, Sales Rally and Duraville Scholars were just some of the new activities that reshaped the Duraville selling experience. The birth of Go Go Global! marked our venture to go beyond the local shores and tap business opportunities in the outside market. DMI’s International Marketing was geared towards forging ties with multinational companies.

Expansion and Training of our Sales Network. To further extend our market reach and project visibility, we also recruited new Brokers for the expansion of our Sales Network. Apart from these, several Brokers were also activated and to date, Duraville manages more than a hundred Brokers to its credit.

Production had doubled in value (100% growth), many thanks to our loyal Brokers and Agents – both old and new. You have all become a huge part in the growth of Duraville not only as a developer, but as a family as well. We are more than grateful to have built a foundation comprised of dedicated Sales Network Members like you. Rest assured that here at Duraville, you do not need to worry since the welfare and goodwill of our Sales Network is always a priority. “Loyalty and Dedication” are always repaid.

We know that in the next years to come, Duraville will continue holding its torch, burning brightly and with great pride. For the year 2008, we will adopt a familiar concept in the food pyramid – Go, Grow and Glow. We will Go all the way with new marketing concepts, we will Grow thru the joint efforts of a strong marketing team and Sales Netwok and we will Glow above competition slowly, but surely. We may have had encountered several complications along the way, but eventually, everything got ironed out. Surely, 2008 will again fire us a barrage of complexities, but we will face them head-on together, knowing that obstructions are always encountered along the path to success.

Meanwhile, 2008 which is designated as the year of the Earth Rat, shows a positive inclination on the metal and earth industries. According to Feng Shui experts, the water element of the Rat will bring some money luck to the earth industry which includes the real estate sector. Thus, let us take advantage of this opportunity and continue to reap the benefits of Real Estate Upsurge.

Whew! Up to now, we are still overwhelmed by all of these experiences. As we savor each and every detail, we hold an optimistic view that there is more to come, and we know that as we take each step one at a time, we can always rely on a sturdy support group. Once again, to everyone who had become part of the Duraville roller coaster ride, thank you. The road to 2008 maybe bumpy, but it is by having a positive outlook and courage that the ride smoothens. So now, we bid farewell to 2007, and greet 2008 with a big smile! Pack your bags, arm yourselves with all that you have got and take the giant leap forward!

Carpe Diem!

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