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Duraville Tips: Negotiation tactics

1. Plan for success
Before entering into a negotiation, you need to know what you want and how you can potentially achieve it. There is no point in closing the sale only to find out later that you have lost much money in selling the property at the contracted price.

2. Always negotiate face-to-face
This is the best way to size up buyers and promote the value of your house. If you negotiate over the phone, it is easier for buyers to say “No”. They can also change their mind before they sign on the dotted line.

3. Set the stage
Always choose on appropriate time and place to negotiate with buyers. It is ideal when they are in a good mood, not occupied with other matters and are in a position to make a decision.

4. Prepare yourself
An unprepared mind and uncontrolled emotion can kill the sale. If the atmosphere becomes tense or negative during negotiation it will not help to bring the sale to a close.

5. Negotiation is power play
Power in negotiation is centered on your character (who you are) and competence (what you can do). To be successful, you should be able to build positive relationships, earn the right to be listened to and even be trusted. You need to be skilful in communicating to and persuading buyers to accept your offer. Project an image of professionalism and reliability. In addition, be pleasant at all times without being perceived as a pushover.

6. Negotiation is psychological
If you are not convinced about the selling price, do not expect to be able to convince others. You will only get what you believe, desire and deserve.

7. Negotiation is a management of perception
You need to know how to influence buyers’ perception about the value of your house. From the dressing up of it to the presentation, you need to communicate the advantages of the house and help buyers perceive the tangible improvements that it will make to their lifestyle and returns on investment. The principle is: The more they want the house, the more they will pay for it.

8. Never reject an offer outright
Do not close the door permanently. Like fishing, always have a ‘bait’ to attract buyers to review and improve their offers. Throughout the process, you need to be patient and be sensitive to every move of the buyers.

In conclusion, remember that all of us will have to negotiate something during our lives. It can be an educational, exciting and enriching experience. If executed correctly, it can help you get what you want not only in the selling of property, but also in other areas of your life be it business or leisure.

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