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STARLIGHT BALL: The Ultimate Year Ender Blast for Duraville

Christmas party, star light ball

2008 has been a blessed year for everybody just as the previous years were. We all have been working timelessly since day 1 of this year and now is the perfect time to reap the fruits of our labor. I started working for the company last February and I can definitely say that Duraville has indeed grown and
continuously expanded since the brink of this year. Although there were some menial changes, the focus and the motivation of our valued sales network members remained the same. That is why we are
expressing our utmost and sincerest appreciation to all of you----come and join us as we celebrate this
bountiful year of 2008 through our much awaited and celebrated Christmas party and Annual Awarding ceremony this December 17, 2008 at the Somerset Place Clubhouse.

This year’s theme is definitely sensational! Gear up and strut those box office hit outfits and be thrilled to experience a star-studded night for this year’s theme is Starlight Ball! Come out with the best portrayal of your favorite Hollywood star! I bet everyone is a potential John Travolta or Marilyn Monroe celebrity. Of course, stars never come out empty handed, be mesmerized as we bombard you with exhilarating prizes, tokens, surprise gifts and so much more! December is the most celebrated time of the year. The all year round hard work is paid off. Let us all take part of this festive chance to grow and to work even harder. Remember, no work no play! So once again happy selling and hope to see you there!

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