With a portfolio that boasts of humble beginnings, the company is now ahead of the curve in anticipating and meeting the increased demand for a more convenient and restful living experience.

Its rock-stable familiarity in the construction business affords the company to cement its experience in building strong and quality houses. Its sheer optimism and effortless concern, however, makes it one of the few real estate companies to offer home styles and convenience with the best cost-effective terms.


Fifteen years ago, Orlando and Cristina Bongat embarked to start a construction supply business, Durawood Construction and Lumber Supply, Inc. in Antipolo City. In a short period of time, Durawood showed market dominance not only in the locality but also in the nearby municipalities of Rizal as it supplied not only the construction requirements of the residents but the subdivision developers and contractors operating in the area as well.

A year after, heeding the call of the government to support its housing program, Durawood ventured into socialized housing development. Thus, Duraville Realty and Development Corporation was born.

The ultimate success of Duraville in its initial venture is attributed to the pioneering efforts of the company to offer not only a “roof over the head” but a safe, beautiful and modest family home.

To date, guided by the same spirit and dynamism to provide superior dream home experience, Duraville has developed, constructed and sold about 10,200 residential housing and executive home units while 3,000 more are under way.


Our earnest goal is to be known as the estate developer of choice with the legacy to provide architecturally distinct, pleasantly homey, ergonomically useful, space functional yet budget-friendly dream houses for the Filipino family.

We envision a Filipino family gratifyingly enjoying a lifetime in its own dream home embraced by a safe and friendly community environment.


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